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Anyone who owns, operates, builds, maintains, designs, tests, insures, oversees, or certifies APMs or other innovative technology transit systems, such as magnetic levitation, air cushion, and monorail systems, will benefit from this Standard. It will also be useful to transportation engineers, safety engineers, and contractors of APM systems.

There are four (4) parts to the APM Standard: Ordering information is on the left taskbar.


  • Automated People Mover Standards, Part 1, ASCE 21-05

    • Part 1 sells for $49.00 (non-members) or $36.75 (ASCE member price) Stock No. 40873.

    • Parts 1 provides general information on the APM operating environment including considerations for ambient conditions and induced environmental parameters. It includes information on Safety Requirements including the System Safety Program Plan and Hazard Resolution Process, safety principles, Automatic Train Control fail safe design, and Intrinsic Fail Safe design. The Automatic Train Control chapter covers presence detection, separation assurance, unintentional motion detection, over-speed and over-travel protection, unscheduled door opening protection, and interlocks. Part 1 also covers Audio and Visual Communications including Public Address, Intelligibility of Audio Communications, Video Surveillance, and Passenger Information Devices. Finally, Annex A includes material on the System Safety Program Plan, and preliminary, subsystem, system, and operating and support Hazard Analysis.


  • Automated People Mover Standards, Part 2, ASCE 21.2-08

    • Part 2 sells for $49.00 (non-member price) or $36.75 (ASCE member price) Stock No. 40964.

    • Part 2 provides general information on vehicles Propulsion and Braking Systems (PBS). Includes information on vehicle capacity and load, structural design, coupling, fire protection, and electrical systems. PBS topics include methodology, functions, component design and testing.


  • Automated People Mover Standards, Part 3, ASCE 21.3-08

    • Part 3 sells for $49.00 (non-member price) or $36.75 (ASCE member price) Stock No. 40954.

    • Part 3 provides information on electrical equipment, stations, and guideways. Topics dedicated to electrical equipment include traction power substation equipment, wayside power-collection equipment, passenger station electrical equipment, and uninterruptible power supply. Topics relating to stations include disabled persons access requirements, platform edge protection, evacuation of misaligned trains, emergency lighting and ventilation, and fire protection. Guideway topics include blue-light stations, intrusion protection and detection, emergency evacuation and access, fire protection, signage, emergency lighting and ventilation, emergency power supply, guideway alignment, and structural criteria.


  • Automated People Mover Standards, Part 4 , ASCE 21.4-08
    • Part 4 sells for $49.00 non-member price or $36.75 (ASCE member price) Stock No. 40953.

    • Part 4 specifically provides information on Security, Emergency Preparedness, System Verification and Demonstration, Operations, Maintenance and Training, and Operational Monitoring. It includes three annexes which offer to the user a series of options or instructions for implementing and/or creating site specific guidelines.

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